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Elite Series Speaker Mic w/ Volume Control and 3.5mm Earphone Jack JH-SM118

Elite Series Speaker Mic w/ Volume Control and 3.5mm Earphone Jack JH-SM118
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Product Description

Elite Series Speaker Mic w/ Volume Control and 3.5mm Earphone Jack JH-SM118

Designed specifically for public safety, security and other professional applications, the JH-SM118 is our toughest mic we've built! This top of the line mic contains our highest quality audio components encased in a super rugged polycarbonate casing. These features ensure this speaker mic works right out of the box and keeps on working out in the field!

Comparable to much higher brand models, the TAPaulk™ JH-SM118 is a great choice for professional users!

Add a 3.5mm listen only earpiece for the ultimate accessory solution in high noise and privacy demanding environments!

Product Specs

  • Heavy duty Kevlar™ coiled 5.5 PU cable
  • Super tough polycarbonate casing
  • Impact, dust & water resistant up to (IP54)
  • Standard 3.5mm accessory jack
  • Volume control with multiple levels
  • Rotational, replaceable slide-on clothing clip
  • Submersible to IP54
  • 1 year warranty. View our Warranty Policy.

Microphone Specs

Type: Electret™ microphone
Microphone size: 6.0*2.7mm
Frequency response: 20-16000 HZ
Sensitivity: -40dB± 2dB
Impedance: 2.2K Ω

Speaker Specs

Speaker size: 45mm
Sound pressure level: 94dB ±3dB
Impedance: 8 Ω ± 15%
Audio output :2W

Replaces and/or Equivalent to OEM P/N: HM158L, HM159SC, KMC-45, KMC-41, HMN4101, HMN4103, HMN4104, HMN4112, HMN4113, HMN9026, HMN9051, HMN9051A, PMLN4008, PMLN4009, PMMN4008, PMMN4013, PMMN4013A, PMMN4021, PMMN4022, PMMN4023, PMMN4024, PMMN4025, PMMN4027, PMMN4029, PMMN4039, PMMN4040, PMMN4041, PMMN4042, PMMN4043, PMMN4044, PMMN4045, PMMN4045B, PMMN4046, PMMN4047, PMMN4048, PMMN4049, PMMN4050, PMMN4051, PMMN4051B, PMMN4059, PMMN4060, PMMN4061, PMMN4062, PMMN4065, PMMN4067, PMMN4069, PMMN4071, PMMN4073, PMMN4075, PMMN4076, PMMN4083,PMMN4084, NNTN8382, NNTN8383, NMN6191, NMN6191A, NMN6191B, NMN6191C, NMN6193, NMN6193A, NMN6193B, NMN6193C, NMN6228, NMN6243, NMN6244, NMN6247, NMN6250, NMN6251, NNTN8203, NNTN8203_BLK, NNTN8203_YLW, NNTN8235, NNTN8236, RMN5035, RMN5036, RMN5038, RMN5055A, RMN5066, RMN5067, RMN5072, RMN5073, RMN5074, RMN5075, RMN5076, RMN5088, RMN5089

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