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Replacement Belt Clip for Kirisun Two-way Radios Similar to KBJ01 TAPBC-J01

Replacement Belt Clip for Kirisun Two-way Radios Similar to KBJ01 TAPBC-J01
Item# TAPBC-J01
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Product Description

These belt clips are a slide on replacement belt clip for Kirisun® two-way radios. The spring action clip design provides reduced wear and improved usability.

A spare clip reduces your walkie talkie's downtime due to damaged belt clips. This belt clip allows you to keep your Kirisun® radios ready to be used at all times. Don't get caught without a spare replacement belt clip for your Kirisun® two way radios. This belt clip holds your two-way radio while being worn on your waist. Simply slides into place on our Kirisun® or aftermarket battery.

Compatible with the following Radio Series

PT2208, PT3208, PT3308, PT2208S, PT3208S, PT3308S etc.