Welcome to TAPaulk Communications, LLC. We are a leading manufacturer of two-way radio accessories specializing in acoustic tube earpieces, speaker microphones and bone conduction headsets. Our warehouse is located in West Virginia, U.S. Our product line serves all types of clients using two-way radios. TAPaulk Communications, LLC serves many markets including public safety, fire, medical, industrial, commercial, hospitality and entertainment professionals. TAPaulk Communications, LLC offers accessories for various radios including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, EF Johnson, Relm/Bendix, Vertex/Yaesu, Maxon/Legacy, Midland, Sepura, Nokia, Harris (M/A-COM), Tyco, EADS, Tait, Tekk, Ritron, and HYT.

Connector M5

Connector M5
Motorola Multi-pin Connector

GP Series: GP328Plus, GP338Plus, GP344, GP388, GP644, GP688

GL Series: GL2000, Pro5150 Elite

EX Series: EX500, EX600, EX600XLS

PTX Series: PTX760Plus

RELM/Bendix: RPU3000, RPU3300C, RPU3600, RPV3000 RPV3600, RPV7500

HYT: TC370M TC380M, TC780M, TC-780, TC610P

Kirisun: PT7200, TC3000